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Pet Set: Where Pets Feel at Home

 Pet Set Inc provides exceptional care for your furry friends. Located in Douglasville with new, modern facilities . Your pets will throughly enjoy their visit.

Welcome To The Pet Set Professional Dog Grooming Salon

The Pet Set Salon opened in  1976. Our staff boasts more then 58 years of combined grooming experience and we are all pet owners  active with our local shelter. We love animals and care for your pet like they are our own.

We'll treat your pet to a complete spa day starting with two squeaky clean baths with appropriate coat conditioner followed by a hand-fluff dry. Ear cleaning, nail trimmings, flea bath & skin care and ear hair plucking is performed as necessary along with anal gland expression if requested and these services are included in our all inclusive groom price. After the bath, your pet will be deshedded and groomed per your specifications, leaving our salon looking like the "next top model" with a fabulous clean smell and a begging to return attitude.


 We use nothing but the highest quality shampoo and conditioners. We also offer hypoallergenic,medicated and oatmeal treatments for dogs with skin allergies and sensitivity.  A variety of drying techniques are used to meet the specific requirements and needs of each dog's breed, hair type and age. 

 We use the latest technology with the clipper vac system. The clipper vac system keeps a constant airflow over the blades and keeps blades cool, removes hair, dander and parasites the moment the blade clips the coat. Your pet will never experience hot blades on his body;

Our grooming facility is equipped with  hydraulic grooming tables and a hydraulic  tub that goes to the floor for older and large dog.

Pet set  is staffed by experts, knowledgeable in the field, who are also animal owners and lovers. We created Pet Set to offer others the service we want our own animals to experience. With a focus on pet safety and relaxation, our immaculate, sophisticated salon sets the standard for grooming.

We love to give your dog a beautiful hand made bow or a bandana and a treat if it is OK with you. (This is one of our free extras!)

When you pick up your pet,  we will discuss any problems that may need to be brought to your attention such as hot spots, dry skin, fleas etc.

When you want to get the most thorough, high quality grooming for your dog, then our full-service grooming is the way to go. With experience in grooming nearly every AKC breed and all styles of cuts, our customers are guaranteed a well-groomed pet that they will be proud to show off to the entire world! And you can be confident that your beloved animal will be provided with the best care possible when placed in our hands.

At the Pet Set, we're more than just grooming specialists. We believe that all animals should be treated with respect and dignity, and should get the treatment that they deserve. We'll make sure that your pet is well taken care of.

Prices are determined by the amount of work required to properly groom each dog. Please come by to discuss pricing for your individual pet.


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Tue-Sat :

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